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Registration 2022 - Senior Club

  • This is required by SAHA
  • If yes a clearance letter will be required from your previous club before you can play your first match for DHC.
  • Under the Western Province Hockey Union (WPHU) and Durbanville Hockey Club (DHC) Constitution and Bye Laws the WPHU has full jurisdiction and authority over everything concerning hockey and playing of hockey effectively, therefore, any person(s) affiliated to the Affiliate Members (Clubs) and Associate Members involved in any hockey activity agree to comply with the Constitution, Bye Laws, League Rules, Rules of Hockey and rules and directives of the present Code of Conduct. 1. The Code of Conduct is applicable for Affiliate Members of DHC and Associate Members of the WPHU. a. The Code of Conduct is established to create awareness of accountability for the promotion of the game of hockey amongst the Affiliate Members (Clubs) and Associate Members of the WPHU. b. All Affiliate Members (Clubs) and Associate Members of the WPHU are responsible for their own behaviour and conduct, and as such, accountable. They must abide by the WPHU and DHC Constitution, Bye Laws, League Rules, Rules of Hockey and Directives of the Code of Conduct as set out hereunder. c. It is therefore the responsibility of the Associate Members to share liability should breaches occur of the terms of the WPHU and DHC Constitution, Bye Laws, League Rules, Rules of Hockey and Directives of the Code of Conduct as mentioned in par (b) above. d. Complaints in relation to either misconduct or breaches of the terms of WPHU and DHC Constitution, Bye Laws, League Rules, Rules of Hockey and Directives of the Code of Conduct as mentioned in par (b) above, shall in the first instance be dealt with by the Chairperson of the Affiliate Club and Associate Member and if necessary by the WPHU Executive Committee who in turn may refer and involve the WPHU Disciplinary Committee. 2. All Affiliate Members of DHC are therefore subject to the jurisdiction of the WPHU. WPHU is committed in maintaining the highest standards of behaviour and conduct of those subject to this jurisdiction. In pursuance of these standards, all Affiliate Members of DHC shall observe and also follow the Rules and Directives: a. Participants shall at all times conduct themselves fairly and properly on the field of play and any part of hockey venues where hockey matches are played and/or practiced. No person may conduct him/herself in a manner or commit any act or omission which may prejudice the interest of hockey or which may bring the game of hockey into disrepute. b. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the following shall be regarded as conduct, which is improper, unfair and unacceptable: i. Verbal and physical abuse or hostility towards any other participant, person or member of the public. ii. Disputing/protesting, reacting in a provocative or disapproving manner towards any decision made by an umpire or official in an inappropriate way. iii. Using rude or abusive language or hand signals or spitting. 3. Public statements must be fair and reasonable and must not involve a personal attack on another player, umpire, appointed official or administrator. No member of DHC shall make any public statement on behalf of the DHC without the prior approval of the Executive Committee (or appointed nominee). 4. The WPHU and DHC recognizes that fair and reasonable comments on the game in general are essentially in the interest of everyone. However, it further recognizes that in the interest of maintaining relations between players, umpires and officials, it is necessary to ensure that any such comment and criticism is constructive. Any public statement therefore by: a. WPHU Executive Committee Member b. Affiliate Member (Club) Executive Committee Member or Associate Member Executive Committee Member c. Member of a Club d. Member of an Associate Member is also subject to the jurisdiction of the WPHU. 5. The WPHU and DHC defines a “public statement” as follows: a. Any statement in which the whole, part or essence, is made public. Such a statement may be made in a newspaper, magazine, periodical or by any electronic (internet, E-mail etc.) or other means through the medium of television, radio or in any other manner whatsoever, regardless of the circumstances in which the statement was made. 6. No player, coaching staff, management team, any support staff and/or Club member who is current serving any active sanction and/or punishment and/or suspension shall be permitted to be involved in league matches. I, the undersigned, confirm that as a member of Durbanville Hockey Club participating in the Western Province Hockey League, Summer League and Indoor League has agreed to observe the Western Province Hockey Union and the Durbanville Hockey Club Constitution, Bye Laws, Code of Conduct, Rules of Hockey, League Rules, the Code of Conduct and the directives brought to their notice.
    Subs (Include SAHA/WPHU affiliation fees; Coaching costs; Astro hire and administration costs) & UMPIRE COSTS Full subs must be paid by 30 June 2022, unless alternative arrangement have been put in place. If not, a player will be suspended until his/her subs are paid in full. If after 31 May 2022, a player is injured or for any other reason cannot complete the season, the player will still be liable for payment of the full subscription fees. Please note that a scholar is only eligible for a development/academy side for a period of two years thereafter they will be eligible for our senior teams provided they have reached the age of 16 years or older. Should a member not pay their subscription fees in full, DHC reserves the right to send the details to the WPHU which will result in blacklisting of said player. Should you wish to arrange an alternative payment plans, please contact our treasurer: to make arrangements.
  • abide by the constitution of the club and the Code of Conduct for the use of relevant Astro facilities, as well as the playing regulations of the Western Province Hockey Union. • I acknowledge that hockey as a sport can be dangerous and that by participating in the sport, the above mentioned player is exposed to certain risks which could result in injury to the above mentioned player or damage to the above mentioned players property. I agree to indemnify Durbanville Hockey Club and waive and release any claim the above mentioned player might have against the Club in respect of that injury or damage. • I agree to pay my registration fee by no later than 1 April 2022 or will forfeit my playing rights as of 1 April 2022 until I have paid the required registration fee. • I agree to pay the full subscription fee by 30 June 2022 or will forfeit my playing rights as of 1 July 2022. • I agree to pay the full subscription fee in the event of injury or any other reason that prevents me from playing after 31 May 2022. • I acknowledge that I am aware of the fact that I may not move to or play for any other club affiliated to WPHU, SAHU or FIH until such time as any outstanding debts with Durbanville Hockey Club has been settled in full and I am in possession of a letter from the Durbanville Hockey Club stating this fact. • I agree to the NO PAY, NO PLAY rule, which will be enforced throughout the season. • I give permission for Durbanville Hockey Club to take photographs/video of me/my child and for these photo’s to be used in club publications, club social media or in advertising or media publications. This may include the printing of names under photographs. • Allow the Club to add my email address to the Newsletter database.
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