Rule changes for the 2015 hockey season

By durbshockey | In Rule Changes | on March 18, 2015
  1. Breaking at a penalty corner,
  2. The two minute green card,
  3. The use of the stick above the shoulder,
  4. Free hits within 5m of the circle,
  5. Change to “long corners”

1. Breaking at a penalty corner


Any defender that breaks the line before the ball has been injected at a Penalty Corner will
be sent to the half-way line and the team will defended with 1 less player, if the team then
breaks the line again, another player is sent to the half-way line and they again defend with
one less player.
If the goalkeeper breaks the line, the team may choose a field player to be sent to the halfway


Any attacker breaking the line (into the circle) before the ball is injected into the circle will
be sent to the half-way line, but they may be replaced by another player and the Penalty
Corner is re-taken.

2. Two minute green card

This will be played as we have in the last few seasons.

3. Use of the stick above the shoulder

Players are now permitted to play the ball at any height on the field, subject to danger.
Danger remains the primary concern. Players cannot hit at the ball in a dangerous manner,
but rather stop the ball or play it above their shoulder.

4. Free hits within 5m of the circle

Attacking free hits may now be taken within 5m of the circle; the normal rules around taking
of free hits in the 23m area still apply. All players should be 5m from the free hit. The ball
may not be played directly into the circle. The ball must first travel 5m or be played/touched
by another player before entering the circle.

5. Revised long corner

The traditional long corner is replaced with a free hit to the attackers on the 23m line, inline
where the ball left the field of play. (Crossed the baseline)
The ball must be played on the 23m line, hence the rules for free hits within the 23m area
will apply.

In an attempt to play the ball quickly the ball might be played outside the 23m area,
however the standard rules for free hits with the 23m area will apply.
The signal will be the “old” long corner signal, followed by pointing to the area in-line with
where the ball left the field.

6. 4 x 15 Minute Quarters

This rule will only be implemented at Provincial, National and International tournaments.
The game will consist of 4 “chukka’s” of 15 minutes, with a 2 minute break between

The following changes will also come into effect:

– 10m Advance is no longer in use, being replaced by an appropriate personal penalty.
– The Maximum length of the hockey stick will be 105cm
– The ban on certain types of face masks, in particular those with metal grills has
been lifted, recognising that the primary objective of wearing a face mask to defend
a penalty corner should be safety. Nevertheless players wearing face masks are not
permitted to conduct themselves in a manner which is dangerous to other players by
taking advantage of the protective equipment that they wear.

Otherwise, all other changes in this edition of the Rules are clarifications of existing Rules.
To draw attention to all changes, even these minor points of clarification, a line appears in
the margin of any text which has been changed.

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